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Delivery & Region

The cities of the Metropolitan Region of Montreal. Click On the following link To find out if your city is present in this region.

Yes, for the cities of the Montreal metropolitan region. The purchase amount must be at least $ 50. If you are located outside this region, we could deliver you with an additional cost if the distance is reasonable.

Yes. Once you have placed your order, you can send an email to the customer service by indicating your # of order and the desired week for your delivery.

Package & Recycling

Let the Ice dry finish to evaporate then throw the packaging at the recycling

Yes, all the materials in the box and its components are recyclable (including the adhesive tape that is compostable). You can also keep the whole box to give it back to the delivery man at your next delivery. It is not a setpoint system but really just a way to save waste.

Bagasse dishes consist anywhere.

PLA dishes (salad bowls) are 100% compostable certified and despite the fact that certain Montreal districts do not use biomethanization during the composting process, the dishes end up still composting, but with a longer delay. In order to know if your district uses this process, it would be necessary to call the management of waste from the district.

The chef's Guarantia

The chef's warranty allows you to get a free dish if they did not like one of the dishes, provided they return an order. This guarantee is offered for an indefinite period and can be removed at any time without notice.

The chief's guarantee, for the moment, is offered for an indefinite period. The purpose of this guarantee is to allow people to love what they eat, but it could be withdrawn if we realize that some people take advantage of a little taste of taste to get a free dish.

Refunds appear on the bank statement in 5 to 10 working days.

Yes, we offer catering services for all types of business.


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