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Zero Waste Vegan Catering Services for any type of event

For individuals & companies

Our Vegan Event Catering Services in Montreal and surroundings can be offered as a Zero Waste option! Let us do the hard work while you enjoy your activities / gatherings. We're ready to provide a quality experience for you and your loved ones.

Choose between compostable containers or reusable containers. Lunch Box Catering Available.


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A Zero Waste caterer involves renting reusable equipment. This material will have to be returned clean, or we can pick it up after the event for an additional delivery fee.
We can never guarantee that the dishes do not contain traces of allergens. We have several options for intolerances but not for serious allergies.
We send waiters who will organize the buffet table, table service, distribution of bites on trays, pickup and housekeeping. The cost is $50 per hour per person.
*Note that we rent each of the items mentioned below! In addition to food, it is necessary to think about the decoration of the buffet table (tablecloth, dried leaves, edible flowers), presentation trays (wooden boards, bowls, serving pliers), serving equipment (plates, glasses, utensils, napkins), the means of reheating (oven or stove), the means of preservation (refrigerator or cooler) and cleaning methods (cleaner, tea towel, sink, dish soap).
We offer volume discounts between 5% and 25% depending on the subtotal of the cost of food.